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I am possibly very late on this, but it did not pop up in my news so far: The LPI is planning a membership, which might include a continuing education (CEU) program to renew their certs as well.

I am thrilled about this, because I was hesitant to add more LPI certs due to my current renewal load [thanks to AWS for increasing their validity period to 3 years, so it got much better already].

What are your thoughts? Their preliminary info and survey is on https://www.lpi.org/member


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    I wish there wasn't also a Linux Foundation, who also offers certs and training. Or maybe combine and not being so confusing and diluting of Linux certs.

    That said I don't plan on any more Linux Foundation and I do want to continue with Linux training and certification, so to answer your question, well I don't know. Muddy thoughts over here. :smile:  
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    Thanks for sharing @cochi78.

    Always felt the 5 year renewal for LPI certs was very fair. I reckon this is good for LPI.
    Having the option of maintaining active status without retaking exams is valuable considering most individuals hold multiple certs.
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