New Google Cloud Security Certifications

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It looks like Google is releasing a new certification in the cloud security space! Do we have any folks working in cloud administration who are thinking of earning this cert? I'd be interested to see how it compares to the AWS security certification.
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  • beadsbeads Senior Member Posts: 1,456Member ■■■■■■■■□□
    Google is woefully behind the curve here with Amazon. With that brand recognition will make it an interesting race to see who stays on top or stays in second place. As for YAC or Yet Another Cert. I am pretty 'meh' on the whole idea. When organizations start clamoring for it I will take a weekend off and knock one out. Hence why I haven't been seen in these parts lately. Though I do need to clean up some CEUs. Maybe I'll think about it.

  • Azt7Azt7 ITIL, MCSA Office 365, MCSE Productivity, AWS CSAA, Azure Architect Posts: 114Member ■■■■□□□□□□
    Amazon came out with their security certification about a year ago and it still doesn't have much traction from my POV. Now, each of the cloud leaders have their own security certification (Azure just came out with theirs yesterday). 

    How much weight will those vendor centric certs hold versus CCSP or even CCSK ? That's the most important question at this point.

    They don't really belong in the same realm as the vendor-neutral certification have more architectural and risk-based weight in the industry while these cloud vendor certs are focused on enforcing technical controls.

    It will be very interesting to see how it goes but as of now I doubt that employers will give it much value which renders it not very attractive to professionals. 
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  • beadsbeads Senior Member Posts: 1,456Member ■■■■■■■■□□
    Yeah it will be interesting as to see where this goes with two major cloud providers and a dozen or so minor players in the market I really don't see an emerging leader anytime soon. Like I said, I will be more inclined to certify when business demand for them increases. Right now, I am not seeing anyone ask for any cloud cert by name.

    Google has a huge name recognition but will that name transfer to certificate market penetration.

    Dunno, but its going to be interesting to see.

  • McxRisleyMcxRisley OSCP, CASP, CySA+, CPT+, Sec+, CEH, Splunk Admin Posts: 486Member ■■■■■□□□□□
    These certs currently have no weight and aren't even on any companies radar at this point. My theory is that its just another market that Google is testing the waters in to see if they can make a buck.
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  • JDMurrayJDMurray Certification Invigilator Surf City, USAPosts: 11,505Admin Admin
    Vendor-specific certs (e.g., Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper, Amazon, etc.) are used initially for training the employees of enterprises that will be using the technology. If you are a company that will be adopting Google's Cloud services then you will send your employees to training where they will receive Google certification. People with Google certs will be assumed to have hands-on experience with Google cloud technology although that isn't a requirement of the certs. If Google's Cloud service becomes a "hot technology" then people with Google certs will command a premium salary, just as happened with early adopters of AWS Cloud technology and certs.
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