Should I be studying for CCENT?

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Hello everyone. Im new to this site and wanted to get some advice or see how some of you guys would go about if you were in my situation.
I am currently studying for CCENT/CCNA right now. I dont plan on taking networking serious, it is more of a stepping stone into the Security world. I always said security becomes a bit easier when you understand how a network works. I do have my security plus.

Is it a waste of time studying to get this cert? I'm honestly turned off by having to recertify every 3 years, especially when I dont plan on being in a network position.  What about CCENT to CCNA Security?

On a positive note it has been very enjoyable learning how all the stuff in a network communicates, also configuring a switch and router has been a blast. I see that as a valuable skill anywhere.


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    I do not think the ccent is a waste , because you need to have a good understanding of how networks work before you can secure them.    

    I would start with the route switch ccent and then go to the ccna.

    Do you know what you want to do in security?
    Pen test. Soc analyst extra...

    I feel ya on the renewing cents deal.  I feel the same, but it is the most certainly are going these days.  The technology changes so fast that the certain need to be renewed, other wise the cert eventually loses its credibility.

    The Linux+ was a lifetime cert, but now the new exam expires every 3 years

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    Look at jobs you would like to get and see what they ask for.   Depends what area of security you want to go into.   I went the CCENT/CCNA:Sec route...   I think the CCENT is good networking knowledge for almost everyone in IT.  I enjoyed studying for that cert.  And I just did the CCNA:Sec cause it was only one extra test and thought it would look good the resume.  I don't configure networks or firewalls at all in my position...

    Was it worth it for me to do the CCNA:Sec?  Nope, hasn't helped me at all.   But I also haven't been looking for a job.   

    Would I do the CCNA:Sec again if I could go back?  Only if I was seriously looking for a new job and saw that the positions I wanted were asking for it. 
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    Thanks for the reply guys!! I would like to get into pentest/vulnerability assessments eventually. I plan on getting cysa this year (ceh is way to expensive). A few years down the line I'll take the cissp jump. I just don't want the cert to feel like a waste because I know I won't be doing much networking. 3 years down the line it'll be like studying from scratch all over again. I'm at Ft Huachuca AZ. Huge IT hotspot so jobs are plentiful.
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    There's no reason you can't get the cert and simply let it expire, unless of course you need to be up-to-date with valid certifications for the work you're doing and/or employer you end up working for. Expired or not, you still show you had the knowledge to pass it at the time.

    I've not passed/renewed anything for a few years, but having 20 years experience goes a long way when looking for jobs - I might not be certified in the latest technology, but I've still lived and breathed it day in day out. In the absence of experience, you need certs to show you're capable of learning and have a reasonable understanding of the technology. They're not the be all and end all, but an employer is going to take the certified candidate over the uncertified where both candidates are new to the field.
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