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I have been preparing for this exam for the past 2-3 weeks, i have 12 years of experience, i have a lot of experience with AD CS, AD DS, GPO, powershell, the only topic i have been studying and labbing up a lot is ADFS (specifically WAP, linking to azure, etc) which are things where i don't have practical experience.

IMO PKI is the hardest topic, but as i have deployed several PKI's for several apps, i have a good understanding so is just a matter of reading the theory  and get used to the confusing working/tricky MS exams  questions.

I'm using pluralsight 70.742 prep videos and MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-742 2nd Edition, Kindle Edition
by William Panek .

I scheduled my exam for May Friday 17th.

I'm studying 2 hours a day, 1 practical 1 theory or something along those lines, and taking a 10-15 questions exam a day, next Sunday i'm planning to take a full practice exam and use the remaining days to cover my weak areas based on the exam result and my personal feeling/confidence level on each topic .


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    Have the Panek study guides improved since the 2012 track? It was absolutely appalling for the last two  of the 2012 track (70-411 and 412). I used that book for my 411 but Pluralsight and TechNet were my go to. I never took the 412 to finish my MCSA as my job shifted focus.

    Also, do you have experience taking MS exams or is this your first?
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    I had no experience so it is hard to compare. I have been studying on and off for about 6 months. Unfortunately I never had a real solid period of commitment due to other obligations. I failed my first attempt but I came fairly close. If the topics are all familiar to you when studying then I would guess your gonna do pretty well come exam time.

    I find William Panek book to be easier to read but less detailed. I have been using his book as my second resource and following along with some of his exercises. I like that they build on each other but some of them don't even accomplish anything. He is just guiding you to where settings are which is easier to see in videos.

    I always suggest at least two forms of information. Two books or a book and a video. Books give way more detail then video.
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