Networking problem

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A random networking problem I am encountering-

Recently my wifi seem to be a bit off, especially on my phone and little problematic with my Laptop.

The TV's seems to unaffected.

When I scanned my LAN on a Network Analyser I appear to have two routers, one addressed and, they both have different MAC Addresses. They are both the same brand of routers but have different MAC Addresses.

Has someone set up a rouge router?


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    How did you determine the brand of these routers? Did you look up the OUI of the MAC? What happens when you navigate to the addresses using a browser? I'm assuming the .1 address takes you to the router login page. Can you log into the router and look at the DHCP client table? Maybe it will give you a better idea of what the device is, or, you can check that your home devices are in the table and kick that one off? Have you gone to your devices and checked the addresses of them all?
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