Have to take 2 VMWare Exams and don't know where to start.

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I have a situation where I need to take the subject exams within 6 months. I have about 20 years in IT and I can work in many different parts of the field. I really have no interest in taking these exams but need to take them to meet an objective which falls outside of the scope of this post without just leaving the job that I am at and just grabbing another one which is pretty easy since I am a cleared professional in the DC area.

The problem is that the end customer has demanded this from the company who holds the contract. I am not an employee of that company but an independent contractor meaning that I have no educational benefits.

Now the company that I am subbing to has agreed to pay for the cost of the exams and whatever online training is required. They will, however, not pay my wages to go to a boot camp. Since I have no real interest in the exams and I am super busy engaging in my personal life and other areas of education that I do actually enjoy I am not willing to study after work.

So the end customer has compromised and will allow me to study during working hours. 

I have ADHD and it is amplified by studying things that I don't want to study. Without leaving this job being that the timing just isn't right, I'd like to know what online courses (or resources) you'd suggest and whether or not I'd need to purchase additional hardware for a lab etc.

Thanks for your help!

Exams are:

VSphere 6.5 Foundations Exam #2V0-602 


VMware 6.7 Foundations 2019 Exam #2VO-01.19


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    Use VM HOL and study the blueprint objectives. The foundation exams shouldn't be too difficult if you have a basic understanding of vmware concepts.
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    If you have experience with VMware the foundation test will be fairly easy. The foundation tests are not proctored (open book) so that helps people who need references. The biggest issue is the training that is required to take the foundation test but there are several online sources that offer 8 to 12 week courses ($180 ~$350) or you can do the 5 day boot camp cram session ($1800).

    Basically, the days of doing IT work without certification are dwindling due to regulatory compliance. Knock it out and move on to the future.
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    cs8400...I located VM HOL...is it free? Also, what do you mean by blueprint objectives?

    kaiju... When you say the test is not proctored, could I elect that option? Could you expand on online courses taking 8 to 12 weeks? Is that self paced or live? Any idea how many hours a day that is?

    Thanks to the both of you.

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    Most the online courses are 8 to 12 weeks long and are somewhat self paced. You can go at the pace of the class or go faster but you will not receive your voucher until class end date. My class was recorded so you could refer back to it for reference and for people who could attend the live class. As long as you complete your assignments/labs you will be OK. I have lots of experience with VMware experience so I actually finished all of the course work in 3 weeks but still had to wait 5 more weeks to get my voucher.

    Not proctored = nobody watching you, do not have to give a proctor access to your pc or webcam and you can take the exam from anywhere that you prefer.

    So take the required training, get your voucher, schedule the exam and then take the exam from your home pc or elsewhere. You can use your study material BUT you will fail the test if you haven't retained a majority of the material. 
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    Do they want you to be a VCP? If so, you don’t need to pass BOTH the Foundations exams you mentioned - just ONE of those, plus a VCP exam.

    More details on the latest VCP-DCV are here: https://www.vmware.com/education-services/certification/vcp-dcv-2019.html

    The pages for each individual exam have an “exam guide” which explains the topics covered, and has links to the documents used to create and validate the exam items.

    EDIT: I also meant to say that if you only pass a Foundations exam, you will not be a VCP, and you will not be required to complete any particular training.
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    I passed the 6.5 Foundations one with like two days of studying, so it's not a killer exam. If you are into video courses, Rick Crisci has some pretty good ones on Udemy. Can recommend those.
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    cochi78 said:
    I passed the 6.5 Foundations one with like two days of studying, so it's not a killer exam. If you are into video courses, Rick Crisci has some pretty good ones on Udemy. Can recommend those.
    Hi Cochi78, I am about finishing the ICM course next week, but I would like to know, If after getting the Voucher and writing the Foundations exam, can i go in for the Professional exam and still get the recognition without taking the O/S course. Since Vmware said you need to attend just one.

    Thank You
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    To go for VMware VCP-DCV certification *3 criteria* needs to be fulfilled

    1)Pass VCP-DCV Exam- 236$ 

    2)Pass VCP-Foundation Exam-118$ 

    3)VMware VCP Class id
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