Passed CGEIT

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Provisionally passed CGEIT - need to wait the usual 10 working days for validation, official confirmation and obviously certification application after that before using the title.
So, feedback - 150 questions, 4 hours, pass mark on scaled scoring from 200-800 with pass mark > 450.
Exam was reasonably straightforward (more so than CISM\CRISC) - question and 4 possible answers. Marked about a dozen for review, changed one or two before submitting for my score.
Materials used were the latest official ISACA manual and QAE with internet look-ups on some terms and definitions. There is only printed versions of these, no database so not as convenient as the other ISACA certs which have electronic versions. I have over 20 years IT experience and a range of certs but funnily enough the biggest trick IMO is to think like ISACA and not like you would in real life (business first, technical second). Also look for overarching answers whereby there are two correct answers but one incorporates the 2nd and therefore is the correct one.
I read the manual once taking concise notes of about 20 pages, walked through the QAE in detail, then skimmed over the manual a 2nd time before trying the sample exam in the QAE (getting a high score) and that was sufficient.


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    I don't know why but CGEIT doesn't still have the attention is deserves.

    CGEIT and the accompanying course are extremely useful and they are definitely in my radar, once i finish all technical certifications i have planned.

    Thank you for the exam description.
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    Congrats on the pass :)
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    edited July 2019
    What is the benefit of taking the CGEIT? I have ISACA’s other Certs.  You’d think you’d get a special status, discount on renewals, if you fill out your ISACA cert bingo card.  :)
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    Certs Gained 2018: CCENT ,210-255 ( Cyber Security Operations)
    Upcoming: ICND2, CTT, 210-250 (Cyber Security Fundamentals)

    Isaiah 28:10 - For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line; here a little, and there a little.
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    Regarding benefits of CGEIT - I'm a CTO and the way I work is to ensure I qualify in areas that benefit my professional profile so...

    Risk Management - ISO31000 certified
    Privacy Management - IAPP CIPM 
    Security Management - ISACA CISM
    Cloud Security - ISC2 CCSP & CSA CCSK
    Project Management - PMI PMP
    IT Management - CGEIT is one of only two, the other being ITIL. CGEIT also covers off the GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) triad.

    CITP | CCSP | CCSK | AWS CCP | VCP | CISM | CGEIT | CIPM | PMP | MCSE, etc.......
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    I am currently pursuing CISM and further going to take CISA. On the second thought, I don't have any experience being an auditor so CISA might not be relevant to my working experience. Perhaps I should consider CGEIT after obtaining my CISM. 

    otw to CISM
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