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Hello there, TechExams, and welcome back to our second ever monthly newsletter! In this post, I will be featuring ten posts from the past month that I think you would find value in. This ranges from a career progression discussion, to a certification comparison, to a resume review! Please enjoy our top posts from June. And as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, or if you'd like to nominate a post for our next newsletter!

Cisco certification changes — Feb 24th 2020
Have you heard the news? Cisco is rolling out significant changes to the CCNA and their other entry- and mid-level certifications next February. Check out what is scheduled to change and how it may affect you in this thread!

Some IT professionals view the CISSP as more of a cybersecurity management certification, but is it still valuable in a technical role? Some current cert holders give an inside perspective on the value of the CISSP compared to the CASP+ and CySA+.

RHCSA: is it a good intro to Linux?
With more and more organizations looking to Linux for server infrastructure, it’s important to know how to keep those servers secure. Is it wise to jump straight into the RHCSA, or should you brush up your skills beforehand?

Security certification progression chart — 2019 refresh
Have you ever wondered which certification should be your next step? TechExams user Pmorgan2 makes it easy for you to plan out your certification progression with his handy new Security Certification Progression Chart v5.0!

Resume review request
It’s becoming much more difficult to stand out with just a basic resume. Your competition is getting better, so how can you ensure your resume is up to snuff? Check out this post for some great tips on cutting through the noise!

Career progression path? End game?
After an 11-year hiatus, this thread was brought back to life with new stories of our members’ career paths and end game plans! If you’re wondering what your career might look like 30 years from now, be sure to take a look at this.

Why do employers want degrees?
“Do I need a degree to get a job?” is a common question in the IT field, but maybe the better question is “Why do employers want degree holders?” Our community has a great debate about just that topic in this discussion.

Coworkers who make fun of needing training?
No one likes to feel stupid — especially when asking for help. What can you do when, instead of helping you improve, your coworkers are condescending and bring you down? Check out this thread for tips on how to promote personal growth!

What have you changed with your own security posture?
With large-scale data breaches making the daily news, it’s getting harder to avoid a targeted attack. How do you protect yourself against these attacks? Share your strategy in this thread!

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