*PASSED July 19 2019* Any good CCSP (9 days before) prep suggestions?

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Just joined the community because I have appreciated a lot of the advice on here. I am taking the CCSP in 9 days and I thought I would ask for some last minute study suggestions. I had a class in school that provided me a free voucher, I wasn't able to schedule the exam until about a month after the class. So in the mean time I am working on my SSCP course, yes a little backwards. I wanted to get to the CCSP before the change in August, so I took it before the SSCP course.

I have only about 4 years of working IT experience under my belt and most of that was Junior System Administrator stuff, no cloud. I have a few basic certs ie, Sec+, CCNA, A+, Net+, Project+ and a few others. I do not have CISSP. For my CCSP preparation I have read the following:

Sybex CCSP Official Study Guide by O'Hara and Malisow
All-In-One CCSP by Daniel Carter
CSA Security Guidance v4
Parts of the CCSP CBK
Currently working on the Sybex Practice Tests by Ben Malisow

With 9 days to go and while also studying for the SSCP,
I am trying to reread most of the AIO CCSP,
Finish all the Questions in the Sybex Practice Tests,
May try the AIO CCSP test bank as well,
Reread the CSA Guidance,
read the OWASP 2017 Top Ten,
read the CSA Notorious Nine 2013,
and finally get any ideas from those that have passed the exam for some final hours studying. Not sure if the ENISA would be worth reading or the NIST 500-292. Also saw mention of OWASP Testing Guide.

Any suggestions for some final week studying would be awesome. I do work 4 days a week so I don't have every day, all day to study. Time is my enemy at this point. Thanks for any help.

Note: I have the Eighth edition of the All-In-One CISSP by Harris, would there be anything worth while to read from it?
I also read from someone that the Cloud+ book would be beneficial to get some basics as well, not sure if anyone else feels the same way.


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    CCSP was created by both CSA and ISC2; you may want to check out CCSK material. Take note that this is a security management exam, so think accordingly when taking the exam. Think of this as CISSP with the additional complication of hosting your infra on other people's  DC aka cloud. 

    I passed the exam using AIO, CBK and CCSK material; I do have web programming and AWS/Azure deployment experience and it helps.
    Good luck on the exam!

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    Thank you for the advice. I will definitely look into the CCSK material. I really appreciate the reminder that this exam is more management and less technical. That will probably be the most important thing to remember going into it. Thanks.
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    Took the CCSP today and received the coveted "Congratulations" upon receiving my print out. Thanks for everyone's Discussion posts in regards to resources to use.
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    Congratulations from us as well! The CCSP is one that I'd like to shoot for down the line - was there anything that stood out to you on the exam that future test takers should watch for? TIA!
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    I took a little over two hours to finish the test, but that is mostly because I found myself rereading questions about 3 or 4 times on average. I didn't feel the questions were as confusing as I was expecting, but after reading other people's advice, I was planning on reading questions repeatedly before I answered a question no matter what. Some questions I probably read 6 or 7 times just because I wanted to be certain what was being asked. Again the questions weren't confusing, but I was looking for nuances that I could miss if I was just reading once or carelessly.

    I found many questions would give a good idea what thought process should be used because of keywords like "security", "legal", "cost", so I looked for answers that tended to be more connected to the keywords. It obviously wasn't like that on every question, but there was a fair amount.

    I did a ton of reading in the last two weeks of AIO CCSP, CSA Security Guidance v4, OWASP top ten 2017, and the Sybex Practice Test bank, so in addition to that material and rereading the questions during the test, it all gave me a good chance to pass.

    Now on to the SSCP.
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