Add-on programs

This is a question for all the current Network Admins:

I read as many magzaines as I can on IT (Network Computing, Windows IT Pro, Redmond, TechNet etc...) and what I would like to ask is this:

Do any of you Admins ever use these add-on programs that are advertised or written about? Things such as:

GFi Network Server Monitor? NetOp Remote Control? AD Managers? Exchange monitors? or iHateSpam for Exchange from Sunbelt Software? Etc...

I just see so many of them and was thinking how much space it would use up and how it could bog down the just seems like a lot of add-ons exist to do everything for you... icon_rolleyes.gif

Just curious.

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    Hmmm, the only Add-On program I use is Symantec Mail Security for Exchange. For Server and Network monitoring I just use the built in stuff on 2003. Mostly due to the company not wanting to spend money on that sort of stuff.

    The Symantec Mail Security uses a lot of system resources and took a bit to configure it. But this was for the exchange server which is a nice hefty machine to begin with so it's okay.
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