Vecturs...long story short...trying to get Overseas ASAP!

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I’ve been going through the onboarding process with Vectrus since February. I finally completed all 29 tasks last week just to find out that the position is no longer available. I’m very frustrated right now because I feel like the recruiter could’ve told me about this once he filled the position because I understand that this is a long process so I could’ve accepted another position in the states until I left. The position that I was hired for with Vectrus is a Service Desk Administrator I. Okay, I understand that the position is no longer available but they have the same position open in Kuwait right now. I just want to see if there’s anyone who can give me some advice as to what to do next…and yes I’ve email my recruiter asking him the same questions already… 


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    There is already a big thread regarding this Here with lots of good info. Pretty much Vectrus sent out multiple offers for the same role and whoever completes on-boarding first gets sent to CRC. The rest are put on
    "deployment ready wait list"

    How long is the wait? Depends on the turn over; for service desk -  a couple months or more. If you are flexible on location, tell your recruiter that. 

    That's why they tell you not to resign from your job unless you have a plane ticket in hand. I wouldn't pass up any state side opportunities either. 

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