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anyone can recommend a nice online bootcamp for SSCP, or a classroom preferably around Asia?


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    Who is paying for it, you or your company? If it's you, save your money. I studied on my own and passed it the first time. I'm sure that you can do the same.
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    Hi tedjames,
    Thanks. do you have a recommended references?

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    If you search this forum on my user name, you'll find several posts I made about how I passed the exam. Essentially, first, I downloaded the exam objectives and created a study plan. You'll want to make sure that you know something about every bullet point listed in the objectives. I started with Darril Gibson's All-in-One study guide. He does a good job of following the objectives. At the time (2015), there wasn't much in the way of SSCP-specifc training, so I supplemented my studies with pertinent CISSP videos from Cybrary, YouTube, and others. Someone on a LinkedIn forum suggested also using a CASP study guide as a supplement, since both certifications are practitioner-based. I used Michael Gregg's CASP study guide. All of these extra sources may be more than what you need to pass the exam, but the object is not just to pass the test; it's to learn the subject matter so you can apply it to your work. Also, I figure that studying above what's required will only help to drive the concepts home.

    The next thing I did was to create memorization **** sheets for myself that included common port numbers/names/uses, OSI model, RAID Levels, risk formulas, encryption types, etc. Then I spent some time every day memorizing and writing out from memory all of these things. On test day, before I started answering questions, I wrote these things out on my scratch pad so I would have a quick and easy reference and wouldn't have to try to think about them during the test. These tests are stressful enough, and having this little resource relieves (at least for me it did) a lot of stress. They will give you a scratch pad that you can use during the test.

    By the way, take as many practice questions as you can. The study guide will have them. When I took the test, there wasn't much in the way of online SSCP study questions, so I took plenty of CISSP and CASP questions on CCCure and anywhere else I could find. If you've never taken a timed 100+ question multiple choice exam, taking as many practice tests as you can will help to prepare you for it.
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    This is great. Thank you very much for your insights. 
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    Good luck! Be sure to tell us how you do.
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