What is your employer-sponsored annual training/conference budget?

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Based on conversations in my circles, I am curious what sort of annual training budget people have out there. Feel free to discuss details.

What is your employer-sponsored annual training/conference budget? 26 votes

What is "training"? (a.k.a zero budget)
42% 11 votes
Under $1000
23% 6 votes
3% 1 vote
11% 3 votes
15% 4 votes
3% 1 vote


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    Which of these are you referring to?
    • Money that I spend on my own to pay for training/conferences?
    • Money that my agency/company spends as a whole?
    • Money that my agency/company spends per person?
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    Employer-sponsored; clarified question.
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    All employers I've been with so far didn't have a fixed budget. One time I got lucky and I got a SANS training, but usually it's nothing. I requested a conference and got reimbursed for it this year

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    From what I can tell we have a training budget that is not utilized. My boss goes to some conferences and has expressed the desire to get the team involved moving forward. I won't know till next years budget if it happens.
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    I've been averaging a SANS class every six months in the grad cert program and doing one on tuition reimbursement then one on training budge. All travel expenses on the training budget.  So probably in the $5k - $10k range but its close.
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    You might get more answers if you add an "I don't know" option to your poll. I have no idea what my employer's training budget is for my branch of the corp org chart. It probably changes as budgets are rebalanced over the course of the fiscal year.
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    It also depends on the employee performance that takes into account on whether you're able to attend conferences or not. I would approximate that you're able to go to at least 1 conference (out of country) a year if you're above average. Same thing goes with taking a infosec course. 
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