Any others Linux only?

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Desktop has been on Ubuntu since 2014-ish. Work Laptop also Linux for as long as I can remember. I do have a Windows 7 instance in a VM for some Office document compatibility--though considering crossover Linux before EOL next year just take it out back and shoot it.

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    that used to be me! 

    I ran redhat and then ubuntu up until 2012 or 2013 then i moved to Mac for my desktop 
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    Exclusively Linux desktop for me. Had a separate Windows machine in the past for some applications not available on Linux.
    Now that these applications are accessible from a browser, it's Linux only.
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    I recently bought a Chomebook (Asus C434TA) as my travel computer. I realized that most of the work I needed to do away from home involved only the Chrome browser and Web or Cloud resources. The capability to install Android apps and not need to mess with low-level Linux network and video drivers make Chrome very stable and user-friendly. The ability to directly access the Linux CLI subsystem is a bonus feature to me.

    This Chromebook experience has moved me to be closer to the "Linux primarily, Windows occasionally" mindset.
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    Nope, I still need Windows applications that aren't on Linux.
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