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I was scheduled to take the online-proctored version of the CLF-C01 today, but I wasn't able to get the proctoring tool to run on my MacBook. Basically, Pearson Vue makes you download a utility called OnVUE, apparently what they use to monitor your system to make sure you're not cheating. But anytime I opened the utility it would display an error saying another instance is already open.
I called customer service multiple times to no avail and was forced to cancel the exam. Now I have to wait a few days for my exam to be refunded before I can schedule another exam at a testing center. Obviously I wish I had just gone to a testing center to begin with, but they just came out with this capability a few weeks ago and I thought I would give it a shot
Has anybody tried to take the online version of this exam and come up with this same issue?


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    I've only used the EC Council proctored exam & they used Go to Meeting...which I wasn't aware of until I was taking the exam...I thought I could use my Linux box to take the exam, but they said it had to be windows as Go to meeting wasn't supported with linux...so, as for Pearson Vue, I am surprised they would even give a refund. 
    What did you use for training material for this AWS cloud cert?  I attempted to watch the AWS videos on my Amazon Prime account and I was like wow, how lackluster...I mean, cmon, multi-billion dollar company & they couldn't hire the best trainers to create decent material...smh 
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    It looks like Pearson bought a company called Proctorcam a couple of years back.
    They're going to Windows 10 only next year. And they recommend disabling anti-virus too. Perhaps they should rebrand it to Pearson-proctologycam.

    Note to self: Avoid using Pearson Vue's non-Linux compatible, garbage monitoring software and just do it at the testing center instead (which is probably running on a Windows XP machine).
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    I just used it two weeks ago. Used a macbook with a windows 10 partition and no problems at all. 

    I know this may sound frustrating but lets be honest, you were suppose to verify that a few days prior to your exam date and they mention that several times in the email registration. 
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    yoba222 said:

    They're going to Windows 10 only next year. And they recommend disabling anti-virus too. Perhaps they should rebrand it to Pearson-proctologycam.

    I was not ready to read that...bwahahahaha!
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    jasper_zanjanijasper_zanjani Member Posts: 76 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I passed this exam and posted my observations in this new discussion.
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