Why AWS Certificate & How Many Types?

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Why AWS Certificate & How Many Types?


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    Question in the title and absolutely zero body... either spam or someone is super lazy. Intelligent questions get intelligent answers.
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    wow! Cochi78 what an answer!!!

    I have done the CPP, SA-A  and CD-A but there was zero interest from recruiters here in the UK (market a bit flat with Brexit and all...) ....so I moved on to do Cisco Cyber Ops and CISSP ....with an ultimate aim of doing Security and Big data specialties next year.

    I was presuming that they would be harder than the SA-P exams but did think they would be more valuable as its a path with a few hurdles to get them done.

    The growth is AWS is stunning (40% YoY) ...and that does create the usual problem of getting quality staff so hopefully next year get that security job in the cloud.

    great post!
    Have: CISSP, SSCP, CYSA+, CCNA CyberOp, CIPP/E, PRINCE, ITIL v3, MS Azure 900/103/500, AWS SA-A, Splunk Core User , CyberArk Trustee......
    2020 Goals: CISM/CISA, AWS CDA-P/SA-P/Security, Splunk Power User
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    Yes, a very good answer to a sparse question.
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    I have a PDF of the advanced networking certification. I'm not sure of the value of this one in the job market. I mostly downloaded it so I know how to fix it when the DevOps teams brake it. 
    Studying: Automating Everything, network API's, Python etc.. 
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