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I posted this originally under the Network+ section but it didn't seem to get much traction so I was hoping I could get some answers here.

I'd like to pursue the CompTIA Network+ Certification and I was hoping someone could point me to a comprehensive book that might be available on Amazon that I could buy to prep.  Something akin to Odom's book for the CCNA exam, something comprehensive.

I am all for using online resources (labs, simulations, CBTnuggets? packetracer?, Boson?), paid and unpaid, but I like something I can reference in my hands as well. Those of you who have passed the exam, how did you prep? Is there a book people swear by like the Odom book for the CCNA? I'm looking for any help I can get. Thanks in advance!


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    I've been able to download the following complete in PDF format and I was wondering which ones were worth buying hard copies of if I wanted them. I do have a paperwhite and I can always read on my laptop, I just prefer a hard copy in my hands to start:

    CompTIA Network+ Study Guide: Exam N10-007 - LAMMIE
    CompTIA Network+ Exam N10-006 - MEYERS
    CompTIA® Network+ N10-007, 6/e -DULANEY
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    I personally like the paperback copy of Exam Cram for N+ 007 by Emmett Dulaney.

    This book is clear, concise, accessible, and well organized.

    There is a Cram Sheet included as well!
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    I personally like the paperback copy of Exam Cram for N+ 007 by Emmett Dulaney.
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    N10-006: The 6th edition of the exam
    N10-007: The 7th edition
    I'd ditch the old stuff and I don't know what version the exam is now. 7th? 8th?
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    The 7th generation of the Network+ cert was released in March 2018. The 8th gen should be released in 2021.

    I took the 2nd gen of N+ back in 2003.  :|
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    Awesome! Thank you so much for the responses everyone. I appreciate the helpful info!
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    I used the Mike Meyers book when i did mine, but that was about a few years back.
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    I took the test back in 2002, I believe i used the Exam Cram book and another. I always have two resources (books) for each cert i take. I have been happy with Sybex books lately, but there are some reviews on Amazon that may also help.
    Good luck!
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