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Hi all..... it's been a long time since I've been on this forum and so much has changed.  I've been working as a Network Administrator for the last 5 1/2 years at the same organization, (which I love).  We have a super small IT department of a whopping 3 staff members, which has been a huge benefit for my career progression because I literally wear just about every hat you can think of and have essentially become the go to person for tech requests or opinions, (which I guess isn't hard when there's only 3 people lol).

Anyway, my manager left for another organization and I've applied for his spot.  I've never held any type of management position and have no idea what questions I might be hit with during the interview. 

Can any of you offer some advice on how I can best prepare for this opportunity?  I really want to get the position because I feel like I already know what needs done and believe I would be good at it, but currently my entire tech career is mostly technical... except I do manage a lot of projects with contractors.

I already know the interview panel will include at least one experienced IT manager from another organization and I have no idea what questions he'll be asking. A tips or advice would be greatly welcomed and appreciated!!


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    Ultimately, management is about effective use of resources (human, financial) and reducing risk in an effort to deliver value to the owners / shareholders. As a manager of managers, the questions I would ask someone looking to make that first step into management include:

    How do you see your section's role within the larger organization?

    What value does your team bring? In a for-profit firm, it all comes down to dollars and cents. If you aren't directly bringing in revenue, you're a cost-center and you need to show where you're helping reduce costs more than your team costs.

    Name two challenges over the last year and how you would have handled them.

    What are the priorities you think your team should be working on?

    What technical opportunities exist that your firm has been missing out on? How specifically will they benefit the firm?

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