Microsoft Teams Certification

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Microsoft recently released the beta for MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams.  They are also offering an 80% discount to the first 300 people to sign up.  I was able to book the exam for $33.  I'm not sure I will pass it but since my organization is making the switch to 365 I figured this would be a great time to learn and try something new. I've never done a beta exam before and I've never done an off premises exam for Microsoft before.  There is no official textbook out yet so all of my studying is coming from the Microsoft docs and their Youtube channel. A lot oft he information covered in this exam doesn't apply to my current situation at work. There is a lot of info on upgrading from Skype for Business and we don't use Skype for Business.  We also aren't making the change to voice calling via Teams just yet.  I really do want to eventually pass this exam. It would be nice to end the year with a new certification.  Here is the link to the certification:


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    I don't know if I can find time to take this cert, but I will try.
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    Thanks for the heads up on this one! 
    Wish I had seen this earlier though, discount's all used up already.   :'(
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    Guessing I've missed this deal as Im getting the quote for the full priced exam
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    I can't remember if I ever took the beta exam, but now I'm back to studying for this Teams Cert. This time I have the book, some good MS documentation and a couple of years worth of experience using Teams at work. The Exam Reference book is surprisingly thin, only 158 pages. I'm hoping to take this exam before February.
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