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Hey all,

I have done the 270, 290, 291 and I need MCSA status before going for MCSE which exam should I do next for elective? I don't fancy doing the A+ root as its like 3 exams.




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    70-284 Exchange exam, which also gives you MCSA:Messaging status, is one option. Another option is SQL Administration exam. I think the answer depends on where you work or where you would like to work. The full list of electives is on Microsoft MCSA page.
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    70-284 is an easy exam.. great to get MCSA with...
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    Why not just get 293 out the way and then go for your elective. 293 overlaps very nicely with 291 and as I found it really helps to have most of the information fresh in your mind.

    Good luck in whatever you decide!
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    You could also do Security+. That along with 299 will give you MCSA/MCSE: Security. The messaging options is good too. In fact I'm going back and going to do that one next.
  • iankfiankf Member Posts: 49 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Hey all,

    Just let you know I went for the 70-284, been studying for it and I'm nearly there :)

    That will make me MCSA then I plan do 70-293 70-294 and 70-298 and I'll be MCSE right :)?
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    That looks like all you need.

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