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Hi all

Just passed the CIPP/e exam .  As I have got a lot of valuable tips in this foum, i would like to share some with you, if you are preparing for the exam.

I have a master  degree in law many years back (ll.m)   and have worked in different jobs in Scandinavia as a manager and CEO, but not as a lawyer,  but in the past years also in a medium sized company as CEO worked with implementing  GDPR together with our IT professionels and marketing.  I am now in this  company some monthts still in a job as a senior consultant with responsibility for the Privacy area, preparing at  the same time for a new work life as a consultant also in the Privacy area. 

Tips from my preparation:

I took the 2 days course one year ago incl. the participant guide  and the textbook,  but didnt have time to take the exam before Dec. 20 2019. 
I have spent app. 40 hours  preparing. 

I read first all articles in the GDPR. In this context i can recommend the DLA Piper GDPR app. Most useful with reference to recitals and the 95/46 law etc. ( Thank you DLA Piper )
Then I read the textbook and took notes. Finally I read the participant guide from my course.  During the reading I had as non native English speaking  focus on memorizing the English terms and definitions .  NOTE: (the course was helpful, but if you put the same 15 hours in preparation in addition to the 30 - 40 hours recommended  I think you can tackle the exam without the relatively expensive course.But then you have to pay for textbook and exam fee etc. )
Then I switched  to the many test questions in the quizlet app, but only in multiple choice . I made notes of all the areas where I made mistakes, and re read these chapters in the GDPR and in the textbook . In this phase I also made small flow charts etc. on these tricky areas and took more of the quizlet questions.
Important note: the quizlets questions and the CIPP/E  sample questions are much easier than the exam questions , so even if you feel comfortable with your quizlet and CIPP/E sample answers, continue focusing on your weak areas. 

In the week before the exam  I used the outlines you can find  in this discussion forum . Here is the link .  seach soltiske (Thank you soltiske )

To get the final grip on the material still with focus on the weak areas ,  but also focusing on the numbering in the exam blueprint form the IAPP. In this last phase I also memorized the chapters in GDPR and the article numbers so I on the exam day had it top of mind. 

You are not allowed to have anything with you in the exam room . Watch, mobile phone, papers of any sort even handkerchiefs, pencils etc is left outside the room and you are checked like in the airport having nothing in your pockets  and you are not allowed to bring anything drinkable or eatable. Even my glasses were checked that they were not digital etc.  
In the room you are handed a pencil and a 2 pages piece of blank paper to make notes. 
In the room you sit in front of a screen, and after signing in by the test people you first read 9 pages of introduction, and time doesnt count during this. When you accept ready the 150 minutes start, and time is shown in the upper corner all the time counting down . 
There are 90 questions and that means you have 1.6 minuttes to answer each question. 
On a tip I read in here i spent the first 3 minuttes writing tips to remember all the time like:
Read all questions  and MC answers very careful .  Focus on the  small twists sin the formulated  text, that you miss if you dont read carefully. . Be cautious that many questions are formulated negative that Is with a NOT, and many are formulated like which alternative is most likely.. etc. 

continued in the next discussion thread. 


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    Hi Jonanders, 
    Thank you for sharing your tips. I am embracing them and looking to pass the CIPP/E exam. I searched in the app for quizlet but did not find it. Perhaps you can give me some pointers as to whether it still exist and if so the exact name. 

    Hope you are doing well and GDPR has added value to your career.
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