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Hi guys! I am looking forward to take my exam on ECIH. Any tips or reference regarding a practice test? Thank you in advance!


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    I don't have any information on this certification. I took the SANS GCIH. This has a better ROI and I don't have to curse EC Council again.
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    I think you need to look at what employers are looking for before you spend money for a course or exam, not to mention the effort required. A job search on, in the Washington DC area, the GCIH certification yields 630 results, the ECIH you only get 16 hits. I can't say if the ECIH course is better or not, it does appear to be considerably cheaper than SANS training, I saw a $2,000 price tag for the 3 day course in Dabai, But the fact remains, employers really don't recognize the certification, so how valuable is it really, not matter how cheap it is. 

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    First of all, thank you for your answers. However, unfortunately I could not afford GCIH certification, that's why I chose ECIH. Should I have any chance to choose I would have chosen SANS by all means, but at the time being this is not possible. 
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    Since I have studied the CEH, I would think that the books alone would be the best use of money for you to pass this exam. EC Council does not veer too far off of the curriculum 
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