I Passed!

Well, it's my time to report. I took the exam at 1:30 today and passed with an 892. I had plenty of time to take this test, so I didn't rush, read every question carefully.

I think this test was the the most reasonable MS test I have taken. Several questions I wasn't 100% sure of, but the other answers weren't quite right. A few had me second guess myself as they seemed too obvious, especially as the test progressed. I had fun with the simulations, but was concerned I might have missed something as they too seemed too obvious, and it helped that if you were going in a wrong direction (selecting an item that turned out not to be relevant), nothing would happen. I think I had 5 simulations.

I was really concerned about this test as I was doing terrible on the practice exams I was working with, which included the ones that came with the Sybex MS 2003 core package and the Syngress book. Also tried ExamCram test and didn't do so hot on it.

Thanks to suggestions on previous posts, I concentrated on IPSec, Certs and clustering, and thankfully played a bit with clustering this past weekend, and came up with a pitfall on NLB that was more or less covered on the test. NLB doesn't work too well with only one interface. I couldn't get it to work at all in unicast.

On to 294, which I plan to take next week (Monday or Tuesday) in time for the free retake deadline. I work with AD alot so I don't see any problems getting it.
When I pass 294, I will have completed MCSE 2003 cert.


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