Passed CCNA 200-125 today

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There was a whole simulation that I skipped (couldn't get the commands to work; realized my mistake after the test), so I was sure I had failed. But I passed, even if just barely!

Just in time, too - my CCENT, A+, and Network+ were set to expire in April, and of course I wanted to pass before the Feb. 23 deadline.

Nice to have to decide where to concentrate. I'm thinking of maybe taking a short break from route/switch and working on Python, Linux, or Wireshark. Maybe Project+.


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    Well done, congrats. What resources did you use?
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    Congrats on your pass. My vote for you is to get your full CCNA and than go Linux. 
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  • xagreusxagreus ITIL Foundation, A+, Network+, CCNA Member Posts: 87 ■■■■□□□□□□

    Thanks! I used Chris Bryant's CCNA course on Udemy, watched some of INE's videos and did some of the CCNA labs they provide, and took a CCNAX course from Sunset Learning (paid for by my generous employer).

    This video on subnetting from Sunset shows the "subnetting slide rule" taught by the same instructor I had - highly recommended. I reviewed it the morning I took the exam and practiced at, and it helped a lot.


    Thanks for the advice! I see that you've earned the Linux Essentials cert - are there any resources you'd recommend?

    The 200-125 exam that I passed was for the CCNA (I passed the CCENT about 3 years ago).

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