Is the CCNA worth it? What is CCNA salary in American

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I have just graduated from university for 2 years, and I have a computer degree in school. I don’t know what I want to do. My friend told me that network engineers are very popular now but need a CCNA certificate.  How much is the salary in the U.S. with CCNA


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    As DFTK13 mentioned, it depends on experience and other skill sets added to your CCNA. I came in USA 2 years ago and did CCNA back in September 2019 but in my current job I don't have to do anything with Cisco devices, it's more of a desktop support role and I am making around 70K at the moment. My future goal is to work in AWS/Linux domain and therefore I won't go further beyond CCNA but knowledge I gained from CCNA will be helpful for sure.
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    If you want to know the salary level in US, you can try Payscale. It will show detailed data to you for different jobs and companys.
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    "The average CCNA salary in USA is $72,500 per year or $37.18 per hour. Entry level positions start at $50,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $123,250 per year."
    Pulled from Of course, your mileage will vary according to experience, hiring organization, economic conditions, job market conditions, and your negotiation skills.
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    Search for 'Comp Table IT role here' and take your choice., and are all free but tend to overstate their results due to the inputs from people reporting their salaries themselves. and other payroll processors use internally reported data but are also paid resources making the best data just out of reach.

    Never trust someone selling training, education or placement services with comp data due to obvious bias. Do your own research based on your local geographical market, i.e. do not compare Silicon Valley market rates to Cleveland Ohio and expect the same level of compensation.

    Good luck with the research.

    - b/eads
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    Exactly, every time I get asked how much does X position make, my answer is always “it depends” or a range of salary based on my own research and experience...never an exact figure. Too many variables. 
    Certs: CCNA(200-301), Network+, A+, LPI Linux Essentials
    Goals: CCNP Enterprise(ENCOR + ENARSI), AWS CSA - Associate, Azure AZ-104, Become better at python, learn docker and kubernetes

    Degree: A.S. Network Administration
    Pursuing: B.S. in I.T. Web and Mobile Development Concentration
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    thanks for ur answers, I will check the payscale
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