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need your advice what else need to learn in case of getting to sysadmin.
Actually have about 5 years of IT support experience and now moved to new company  - some kind of senior IT support position.
Current knowledge - CCNA RS, Windows server 2012/2016 ( 70-410,411,412 and 70-740,741,742 books read and practiced), exchange 2016 ( basic stuff - like make it send and receive emails), vmware vsphere esxi (#2V0-620 and VCP6-DCV books read + practice), microsoft 365(70-346-347 exams books read/practice a little), azure az-103 exam book read.
So should I go deep in some of aspects of my current knowledge or learn more? Planning to learn AWS ( probably Architect - Associate) and maybe SCCM. 


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    2021 goals: RHCSA/RHCE, AWS, Python training

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    I got nothing for you, as you have a broad range right there. I'd say, do good work at your current company, focus on their priorities. AWS is good.

    For being a sysadmin, just make sure things work, are resilient, meet security needs (don't run as local admin if you don't need to, etc). And don't be a cowboy.

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    thank you.
    so powershell and aws on the way...and will go deeper for new job technologies.

  • kosta-kkosta-k Member Posts: 32 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Should I go deeper with all stuff or general knowledge is enough for starting as junior sysadmin or learn more and more? 
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    System admin  covers broad range of technologies and it is very difficult to learn all of it.  I will say check what  software your company is using and have a good working-hands on knowledge of it.
    Then have a general knowledge of all the skills  required from a typical system admin that is networking,firewall, scripting, windows\linux server and so on.
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