CCNP Enterprise Journey

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Hello everybody,

I am not sure about the activity on this forum these days since I have been gone for a while. Let's keep it short :smiley:
In September 2016 I received my first CCNA R&S certificate, unfortunately at that moment I was employed at the wrong employer. So I did not really use the certificate or improved my networking skills.
So before leaving that employer in 2019, I did the CCNA R&S exam again in September (2019) and got the certificate renewal!

Now I am working for a cool company with an impressive network infrastructure. My goal is to achieve the CCNP Enterprise certificate in December 2020. My plan is to start off with the CCNP 350-401 ENCOR exam. I was told this already was not an easy one at all! After that I will need to choose a Concentration exam, I am not sure which one I should choose. Wireless is not interesting for me since I do not monitor/configure any wireless devices.

Calendar goals:
10/2020: CCNP 350-401
12/2020: CCNP Concentration exam

I hope to find as much information on this forum for the (new) CCNP certificate as I did for my CCNA certificates!

Note: I did look at the CCNP FAQ but it seems like all (or many) of the links send me to the "Page not found" page :-)

Kind regards,
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    I wish you the best in your studies!
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    Good luck on your journey! Will hopefully walk the same path early next year once I finish my degree program at WGU.
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