Cloud Certification for someone New

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Hello all, 
I wanted to get some feedback is possible on cloud cert. At the moment I was in the process of getting my MCSA for server 2012 but failed the 411 exam a couple times. At this point I won't have enough time to pass 411 and the 412 in the next couple of months before they go away. 
I choose to drop that path and start a new one going to the cloud. My company has just converted over to the cloud about 1 year ago and I only know 1% of how it works. For someone new does Microsoft have a path map for the cloud?  I need to start from the bottom up and learn how the cloud works.. 

I keep reading about Azure and AWS cert. That one Amazon is better cert then Azure. Since in house we run Azure I should continue to that path correct and learn it? 
Any kind of feedback or info you could provide for someone new would be very helpful.. 

Thank you, and have a good day. 
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    Go with Azure because you are a MS shop. Start with AZ 900 fundamentals. You could also knock out AWS CCP after a bit of study to get a feel for Amazon
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    +1 for starting with AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals
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    Agreed. AZ-900 prep materials are a bit out of date but memorize all the different machines available as well as the normal basics and you'll do fine. I find the Azure tests to be a little trickier than the AWS certs but can adjust as needed.

    Good luck!

    - b/eads
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    Thank you guys for the feedback. I notice that it's not the same as setting up a lab at home to practice. I think that's the next problem I'm running into on how I'm going to lab. I see users are signing up for Azure accounts but how does that work and how do you build a lab? Any good youtube videos or something I could watch to understand how to set up a lab for this exam? 
    2018 Goals: 70-410 [X], 70-411 [],70-412 [] :bow: 410- Passed!!!!!!

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    2012 - *MCSA*(WHO KNOWS WHEN) KEEP FAILING!!!! Not enough time to pass the last 2 exams.
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    It looks like Cloud Academy is one place with online labs for learning Azure. Unless you really want the hands-on-implementation-in-a-data-center experience, learning in someone else's Cloud is the fastest way to get started.
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    AWS and Azure are not better or worse than each other. What matters is what is in the market in your area and what you use/will be using in your current place. If you're experienced in Microsoft and switching to Azure then that will be the next logical step in your career path. No point going for AWS at this time but once you're knowledgeable in some form of cloud it's easy to transition at a later stage if you want to.

    I would recommend starting with the AZ-900 then move onto AZ-104. If you sign up for a free Azure trial DO NOT use it for the Fundamentals exam. It's a waste as the 900 is not a technical exam. Get the 900 with MS Learn, Whizlab tests and maybe some free YouTube videos. You can pass that within a week or two. The AZ-104 is more of a general admins cert and will help you more with your career when you start using it. Use your 30 day trial for this. I'll be doing my 104 soon and I'll be using Skylines Academy with some MS Learn material and the trial.
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    Do whichever one it is that your company is converting to. Lab practice plus having a real environment gives a strong study edge.
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