Passed GSLC

charismaticxcharismaticx Member Posts: 160 ■■■■□□□□□□
This cert doesn't get enough recognition. There's a breath of useful material from the course that it compliments CISM quite well. Honestly, there was a few concepts that I had no idea about that it just came down to an educated guess. The course itself isn't difficult and the material is quite broad. If I had to compare it to GSEC then I would say that GSEC is much harder. If you take the time to read the books and build out the index then the exam isn't difficult. There was only like a handful of things that I had no idea about such as reading a Heat map. What attracted me the most about this course was that it covers the IAM III role. My employer had an empty seat so I felt like I had to jump on the chance. For anyone interested in the course, I would definitely jump on this one. It gives you a broader understanding of SOC operations and a few other topics that you need in the security field. I can honestly say this is my last cert for the year. It's time for a small break. 


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