Security Certification Roadmap v7 update for 2020

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The latest update to the Paul Jerimy Security Certification Roadmap and the discussions about it here and here on reddit.



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    Thanks for sharing. I have seen this a couple weeks back but taking with a pinch of salt. For example the CREST CRTSA at the top under the architecture section is an outdated exam which has not been updated here in the UK. Some places dont even teach it anymore as it was not popular. At least the ISSAP still has people enquiring and going for the exam but the CRTSA does not compare.
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    Thanks for the useful information! 
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    Wait... how did the MILE2 ones sneak up in there? I'm not even mad about the EC-Council ones  :D
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    I think this chart is just to provide a cert categorization based on exam content and is not meant to be a passive commentary on worthwhileness.  ;)
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    The author does try to rank them from foundation to highest skill. It is not a bad rank, I am sure there are inconsistencies and certs are favored over others based on word of mouth and less from the authors own experience. It would be impossible to take all those certs and rank based on experience lol

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