Passing Linux+ when I have A+, Network+, and Security+? What will renew what now?

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I have had Security+CE since 2011 and N+, A+ since the late 90's. It is a pain in the butt to keep renewing the Security+ but it is required for DOD contracts.

I did like renewing the Security+CE to renew the A+ and N+. It takes care of all the stupid alphabet letters that want to see which keeps me working. :)

The below pyramid shows Linux+ as being a "higher cert" than "Security+". However, it looks like it only renews the A+ Cert.

It seems that Comptia's statement of "Renewing higher-level CompTIA certifications can fully renew your lower-level certifications." is contradicted if I am reading things correctly.

I would have liked to take the CASP first as I mentioned in a previous post but ended up with an emergency need to take the Linux+ to keep the bean counters happy. 

I am due to take my Security+ in about 1.5 years to renew it and the N+, and A+. Does this mean that every 1.5 years I will either be renewing my Security+ via Certmaster CE and my Linux+ via??

I am confused and don't want to create more work and stress for myself and have to dish out too much money.

Old, burnt out with this field and want it easy just like I did 22 years ago when I started IT. Some things never change. They used to call me a paper MCSE but now they can't stop calling me. What can I say, IT has gotten me through the horrors of life. It has been almost as loyal as man's best friend.


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