GMOB (My first GIAC certificate)

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Hi there,

I will be my first certification from GIAC.
Some of my background:
1) I currently have been doing Mobile PT both Android and IOS for the past 2 years, I have completed about 20 application
2) I already have eMAPT and have gone through the Android Application and DIVA android application in 2019 and passed the exam

a) Will it be sufficient to go directly to the exam? Is any value add to the coursework itself?
b) What are some of the supplementary materials which might be useful? (be it website links or eBook)
c) How do I get to the SANS advisory board?
d) For the proctoring of the exam, is it done through Pearson Vue?  I currently know it is only 75 questions.
e) Do they cover things apart from the MAPT itself?
f) What is the failure/pass rate of the exams? How do I ensure I am well prepared for the exam?



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