nr of questions and time for exam

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plese i want to know how many questions i have to answer and the time allocated for the whole exam.just saw this site today and man it rocks i love all of your,and thanks in advance for your advice


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    Took it last November and had 80 questions.

    Dont' worry. You will have plenty of time.
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    I took the exam back in December of 2004 and then there were around 80 questions and 120 minutes to take it. I was left with plenty of time to review and go over any I skipped at the time.

    I've been hearing that the number of questions is changed, and maybe the time alloted has also, but that will give you some idea...I've read that it is 100 questions now, but I'll let someone who took it recently verify that part...

    Good Luck! :D
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    Here is what CompTIA says,

    Good luck on your exams!
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    Hi and welcome to the site.

    They recently changed it to 100 questions.

    These forums are for questions regarding certifications, but with almost 150,000 members you can assume these questions have been asked before. And so may many other things you may wonder about, so you might want to try our icon_wink.gif
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