MS-500 or AZ-500?

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Hi all,

Is there a particular order that one would want to take with the MS-500 and AZ-500? Is it better to get the MS-500 first then the AZ-500 or vice versa? Or is this apples to oranges? I guess another way to ask is: which cert is *most* useful or valuable to have between the two?


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    What do you do more in your day-to-day?

    Azure is very critical, but Azure also needs O365 for some functions. 

    I personally operate an environment that I moved entirely into Azure and now operate out of Azure and O365. So dare I say, they both are important. I would lean more towards the O365 side with the MS-500 1st before doing AZ-500. It's personally why I'm wrapping up the MS-101 right now before doing the AZ path.

    Plus the MS-100 was a free voucher from Microsoft's Ignite event this year, so finishing it up before doing MS-500 myself. I'm actually doing AZ-140 as soon as I'm done with 101.
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