Passed Hardware and OS today

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Glutton for punishment here who decided to take both today. Due to circumstances somewhat beyond my control I had less than a week to prepare for it and had to schedule it last week- hardware 763 and OS 707. I used this site's practice exams and notes along with Mike Meyer's Passport book. The BIG thing is I have been in the field for two years in a part-time, mentor/internship while going back to school. Without it, scheduling and studying for this exam with any expectation of passing would have been very hard.

I recently re-graduated from a local Tech College and took A+ courses using Jean Andrews' books. Did not use them for studying for the exam. I find her books to be good for basic, foundational knowledge, in a classroom setting where you can get some hands-on but as far as actual testing preparation, she would not be useful.

Up next will be the CCNA!!!!! Targeting Nov/Dec for that one.


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    Great job! icon_cool.gif
    Good luck on your next exam!
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    Congrats on becoming a CompTIA A+ Certified Profesional!
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    Congrats! I'm taking the Hardware test tomorrow at 3:00. I'm to the point where I'm not even nervous any more, I just want to take it and get it over with so I can start studying for the OS!
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    hoi_polloi wrote:
    Glutton for punishment here who decided to take both today.

    Quite a few people take their exams the same day, generally I encourage it since a person works with the 'WHOLE' computer they should be tested on it. So good for you for taking both and getting things done!
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    Thank you all. Plantwiz, I had always heard that it was best to take them apart from one another- NOT on the same day. Oh well! Just goes to show how much I know!!
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