failed CCNA, advice needed

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Few weeks ago I failed CCNA 640-801 with a marke of 696 I got somewhat disappointed as I had studied hard, I used Todd Lammle's book, used simrouter AND I know networking as I went to college to study it for one year.

Now I'm thinking to take the exam in two parts: 640-821 (INTRO)
and 640-811 (ICND). Should I do that or should I study more and take 640-801 again? I am two minded on this and I really need your advice. Of course it's different for everyone, but give me your ideas.

I really need a CCNA.


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    Why do you "really need a CCNA"?

    If you really need it that badly, then you need to invest the time and money to get some hands on with the equipment. Classes, Cisco academy, buying routers second-hand, whatever it takes. Being a book CCNA doesn't mean too much.
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    I need a CCNA for a job,
    Being a book CCNA doesn't mean too much.

    You're right, after all, once they give you a job, they won't give you a book read, they will give you equipment :)
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