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Does anyone know what the standard is for IT personnel per users?. My boss has to show that we are understaffed. At the moment there are 3 of us (including my boss, who does the paperwork, budget etc) and we have around 500 pc's, laptops and servers and around 600 users.

If you also have the reference for this data, that would be great!

What's the ratio where you work?



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    It would really depend on the industry your company serves and how heavily they rely on technology. I heard somewhere the typical ratio is 1:30 or so, but that would include all IT staff including network, helpdesk, application development, IT managers, etc.

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    Depends on the environment. At my organization there is just me and I support approxmiately 50 PCs, 45 users, and 10 servers. I don't wanna say we're understaffed, but there isn't enough of me to go around and get to EVERY project I want/need to get to in at timely fashion. But my user base never goes more than a day or 2 without me at least taking a look at there problem.

    It really depends on your environment.
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    Where I work, we have over 850+ computers (desktop and laptop) with approximately 200 employees. (I work in a school) and there is the Tech Director, the Network Admin, and Me...

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    users are admins 1:40
    users are locked down 1:80
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    At my job in education I support approx. 450 workstations and 1200 users plus everything else that plugs into the wall.

    It isn't adequate, but it has helped me get the experience that everyone wants to hire.

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