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After interviewing with 7 companies I have been offered what i think is the ideal job. I was hired by a physicians group in Oklahoma as the IT Manager. I will supervise one employee and will handle network administration, design, and support. I was told that they hired me primarily becuase of the breadth of my experience (routing, switching, pc-tech, AD, GP, PBX, Exchange, etc) and my personality.

They have approx. 125 employees, 85 computers, and a dozen or so servers hosting various apps and dbases.

It pays 47,400/year and is a salaried position. Salary will be reviewed every Jan. and they offer benefits and a 401K at 3% match (though they say they are going to bump that up by one or two points).

Just thought someone else in the Oklahoma area might be interested.


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    Excellent job! It goes to show that just because you do not get hired by one company that another does not have any interest!
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    Congrats on the job. This type of position could lead to even bigger and better things for you down the road. IT Manager sure looks good on a resume. icon_thumright.gif
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    That's impressive, 47K in Oklahoma is equivalent to 70K or more in New Jersey!!!

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    Pls bring us coffee and donoughts :)

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