Role of Win 2003 Domain Account Manager?

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I am in the middle of studying for my MCSA and I found a job posting for a Help Line Support Analyst. One of the qualifications listed is Windows 2003 Domain Account Manager.

What does a Windows 2003 Domain Account Manager do? What are the responsibilities?
Reporting to the Network Administrator, the Help Line Support Analyst is responsible for fielding telephone calls and e-mails for the Information Systems Help Desk; ensuring user requests are logged and handled in an efficient and professional manner; providing solutions to inquiries, troubleshooting problems and complaints relating to computer systems, applications, LAN/WAN, voice and data networks; maintaining and documenting solutions to problems for future reference in call tracking application, thus developing a knowledge base for other IS staff and users; and, escalating unusual or more complex problems to more senior staff.

As the successful candidate, you must possess a Community College certificate in Computer Science or a related discipline; a minimum of eighteen (1icon_cool.gif months experience in a computer help desk environment with Windows XP, 2000 and Windows 2003 Domain Account Manager; possess the ability to work well in a team environment; possess strong interpersonal, written and communication skills; and, excellent analytical, organizational and problems solving skills.


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    You've got me there :)

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    I would guess they are referring to Active Directory Users and Computers, but specifically how to create, modify and manage user accounts. For example resetting passwords, unlocking acounts, entering email addresses, etc. - that sort of thing.
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    sparky mark is right, they just mean they need someone to manage Windows user accounts.
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    blargoe wrote:
    sparky mark is right.
    WooHoo!! :P
    That makes at least once this year!
    Thanks blargoe! icon_lol.gif
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    blargoe wrote:
    sparky mark is right, they just mean they need someone to manage Windows user accounts.
    Ummm... I forgot my password, again.
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