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Hey everyone...I'm new to this site. I'm working my way into the IT field and am preparing for my first cert-the A+. I made bad choice in selecting my schooling...I went to New Horizons. The "gentleman' who helped along my enrollment told me that I would fit in well. Well it turns out that all the 'students' were either out of work techs or employees of businesses who sent them to catch up on the latest...not to start a new career. When my teachers found out that I was paying for my education myself (meaning unemployment or my company wasn't paying for me), they all looked at me like, "kid, are you crazy????". I didn't like that. They almost felt sorry for me. All the teachers I had were great and knew what they were doing...but that place wasn't for me. So I started studying at home....I'm using Meyer's Passport book. How helpful do you guys think that book is? I love it. Anyone have any advice for a first timer?



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    First of all, Welcome to, a GREAT place for anyone pursuing certification because of their passion and interests with computers and either in or hoping to be in the IT field. *hats off*

    Sorry to hear about your academic experience, I hope that you'll finish your schooling successfully and leave with some pride because you learnt and you've put in effort! Cheer up!

    A+ is a good choice for you and anyone wanting to get their feet wet, it will open the door to many opportunities with jobs and/or other certification.

    Although I didnt use the Meyer's book for my A+, I am using the Network+ edition of it for my, well Network+ exam, lol....

    I found it to be a great read, very condensed, and lots of good questions. Depending on your experience with Windows and PC hardware, you may want to pick up another book that go into more details some of the A+ objectives. I recommend Sybex A+ Complete.

    ps. Not TOO MUCH pressure, but I suggest that you get on top of things, and write the two exams quickly, by Dec 31, the new edition of A+ is in effect, and there will be new stuff to study, and a higher price to pay for the exam.

    Good luck!
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    No matter who attends a class, A+ and Network+ are entry level exams and so is the curriculum. Granted, some may not be able to grasp the concepts in a full 5 days those classes usually provide if they are new to the field. It is like taking a compressed summer class. Instead of spending one hour twice a week for 15 weeks, you spend all that time in one week.

    But even the experienced often have to study for a few weeks after such classes before taking the exam.

    Perhaps you might be better served taking classes at a community college?
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    The Passport Series books are very good! That said, they are only good if you already have some working knowledge and need a review and a brush-up on topics prior to the exam. This book falls into the "ExamCram" series (except WAY Better IMNSHO)...look at the size of the cannot possibly prepare one for 'everything', but it can mention a number of topics as well as provide a quick 'review'

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