I passed my 298 exam on Monday - now I'm MCSE

Bmac000Bmac000 Member Posts: 43 ■■□□□□□□□□
It was definitely the easier of the MS exams. Alot of stuff covered in previous books for eg SUS, RRAS, L2TP / IPSEC, Auditing, GP's, MSBA, IAS, RDP, and always as usual adopt the principle of choosing the most secure way of doing things . Still can't believe I have my MCSE its been a hard slog, I started doing this in Sept 04 but feels very rewarding once you get it. I was going to post up something yesterday but I was still getting over my hangover.

Not sure whats next will take some time off study for a bit, may look for a new job next year, may consider CCNA but at the moment I'm planning my holiday to Tuscany for a week in Sept, can't wait.

Thanks to all on this site, tips, tricks, comments, websites, what books to read, the sticky notes, areas to study. I honestly don't think i would have got through without it all as i did most of this at home on my own and in the work place, didn't attend any classes. This site for me was the same as attending classes. cheers


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