A few things i'd like to say about the test....

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First off, nice site that is run here.

I'd just like to say that the exam has alot of poorly worded questions...i just encountered about 25 out of the 100 i faced that i would put into that category.

I studied for more than a month, went to a summer class, did a Boson practice exam and still only scored 644/764 needed. My study material was the Sybex book, and the S+ Fast Pass.

Any suggestions...am i going to be able to pass this exam?


P.s. There were 2 multiple answer questions that i had...so they are out there.


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    I have not taken the exam, but i have heard people say it is alot easier then they expected, and that the questions were very straight forward. I would just try to get some CBT videos and another book such as the syngress (sp?) book and try again. How did you do on the pratice questions on the comptia site?

    oh yeah, and check out the technotes here on this site. they are very helpful.
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    Some questions i thought were easy, others i was scratching my head to figure out what the question was asking....not that i don't feel i know the material, but i feel like i struggled with poorly worded questions.

    I have ordered the Syngress book and will study that before re-taking.

    I did the technotes on here, got 100% on the ports practice questions, did well on the other 2 practice exams...also got 80% on my first try on Comptia's practice questions on their site. I really don't know what else i could have done, but i will try the Syngress book.

    Any other suggestions?
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    I used this book:

    Along with its lab manual:

    And I did some studying with the TestOut course, along with the CBT Nuggets for this test. I scored pretty high, so I can recommend these with confidence.

    Free Microsoft Training: Microsoft Learn
    Free PowerShell Resources: Top PowerShell Blogs
    Free DevOps/Azure Resources: Visual Studio Dev Essentials

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    It's not how long you study for, my friend. Study until you understand the material. I suggest re-reading your book and writing notes about key concepts from memory. As Einstien put it, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

    You'll get it next time around.
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    I've been reading a lot for this test and the Sybex books I picked up are terrible. They leave out a lot. Syngress and techexams FTW.
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    Thank you all for your replys. I have a few more questions.

    I am going to read the Syngress book but after reading i would like a very good practice exam besides Transcender (too expensive) and Boson (got it already). Is the Measureup exam any good or is it about the same as the examcram questions? Or is there another good practice exam that comes recommended? Any advice would be appreciated, i don't want to lose another $200.

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    I ran across only a few questions I felt were poorly worded. However I may have gotten lucky with my pool of questions.

    Books I used
    Sybex, Syngress and Mike Meyers

    Practice tests (not counting the ones from the books) include
    RU Ready

    I actually thought half the test was very easy, the rest of the test were questions that required you to think about what is the most common sense answer or it would come down to 2 very close answers and you had to remember everything you studied.

    Hang in there, you will pass.
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    I used Sybex initially, failed the test by one question. IP Protocol in IPSec wasn't covered, but it wasn't covered in Syngress either, which I subsequently got.
    I also used TechExams resources and practice exams, and MeasureUp.
    MeasureUp was OK, but they could add more than the existing 150 questions, considering the actual exam is 100 questions. I did it 25 questions at a time.

    The Comptia sample exam is very simplistic in my opinion compared to the actual exam.

    Also took the free exams (forget the website) once.

    Got an 803 second time around.
  • Megadeth4168Megadeth4168 Member Posts: 2,157
    Danman32 wrote:
    The Comptia sample exam is very simplistic in my opinion compared to the actual exam.

    I would have to say that about half the exam is about as simple as the sample exam... In fact I could have sworn that I had a couple questions that were very simialr to some of those questions.

    I would have to say that the other half of the test is much more difficult than the sample exam. Of course this is based on my own experience with the exam.
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    Hang in there, you will pass.

    Thanks, it's good to know this board supports me...and thanks for the encouragement guys!
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    Retaking the test tomorrow...God i hope i pass.

    I studied the Syngress book this time and im reviewing the Technotes provided here as i am typing this.

    Hopefully this time i can pass.
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    Best of luck yoyomamas2
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    As many of you know i am taking exams to become a MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). Today i am happy to announce that after failing my second exam the first try, i have passed on the second try this morning scoring 784 (764/900 needed). Im am glad it is done with to tell you the truth. 5 more exams left to go. Thank you all for your support!

    Have a great day...
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Thanks guys i appreciate it!
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