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I have got my security+ Exam on wednesday and i am absolutely tired of studying, Have being studying for the past month and half now and i still feel nervous about the exam. i have used numerous materials for preparation like the syngree and the sybex second edition which i have gone through both twice and the MS Press one that i read only once. also i have been playing with the transcender and preplogic practice test and seems to be doing well with then. i think that i feel this way because the exam cost a lot (205 pounds) and i dont see meself spending such amount on the same exam twice that is if i fail. please i their any last resourses that i need to brush up on. icon_eek.gif


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    If you read syngress twice you should be fine. Just take your time and read the whole question and you'll pass no problem.

    Don't be nervous, the exam isnt that bad.
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  • Megadeth4168Megadeth4168 Member Posts: 2,157
    Sounds like you are well prepared and should do fine.

    The morning of the test I quickly went over, and of course techexams practice tests as a quick refresher.

    Good luck!
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    Have you also gone over TechExams resources? They are quite good.
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    i Have being using technote but i am tired of reading from the screen my eyes are haulting and me printer hasnt got ink on it and i really cant afford any at the moment lol. but i have gone through the 3 practice tests and all is well fine with then.
    anyway guys thanks for your advices because the test is tommorow and wish my good luck. thank once again.
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