Secure over the internet ;)

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I ask you guy's because I think you have more experience than me , and know what security over internet means , thing's like antivirus firewall , etc..

What is the best combination to maintain your security over the internet , or how much you can , coz your never 100 % icon_eek.gif
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    All the above.

    Really, it all depends on what you need secured. If you REALLY want security, pull out your NIC, keyboard and graphics card from your PC. icon_wink.gif

    At minimum, have AV/spyware and firewall. A broadband modem performing NAT is a good defense from someone attacking your PC by IP, so even if you only had one PC connected to a DSL/Cable modem, it is a good idea to use the router.

    If you want to dive deeper into what network security involves, studying Security+ is a great way to start.
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    Get yourself a good DSL or cable router/firewall that provides stateful packet inspection. Linksys makes a couple of them.

    In a nutshell here's what stateful packet inspection (SPI) is:
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    The only truly secure PC is one placing in a room with no doors or windows and not connected to anything except its own perepherils icon_wink.gif

    For the rest of us - we use firewalls, AV products, AntiSpyware products and most of all strong passwords that are changed regularly and not used anywhere else.
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