staffing companies, anyone has experiences with this?

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i send some resumes out during the weekend, today i recevied a call from a staffing company, they have a position to fill for cablevision they told me. Its a help desk support position, phone calls, troubleshooting systems and the like.

Now i have no experience at all, have never actually worked for a company or have any experience in the field whatsoever. everything i know is thru my own experience, reading, school and stuff like that.

So anyway, they asked me to go there for a more detailed interview. what should i expect? they asked me what i want my salary requirments are, and i told them $11-$12. is that good or did i mess up? Need some advice on how actually these staffing bussines works. Help me out please lol i really need to find a job.


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    $11-12 might be a lot to you if you're young living with your parents, never held a real job before. Go for it if the wage is enough to support your lifestyle. Plus you need some real world experience; right?

    Word of wisdom is to never tell employers how much you want to be paid until they tell the range they're looking to pay in. Keep that in mind and don't make the same mistake again.
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    I've worked with staffing agents in the past and they can be quite helpful. The only warning that I would give you is to remember that most staffing agents are only concerned about getting you into a job so they can collect their commission. As a result, they may or may not sugar-coat a job for you just to get you into it. So, if possible get all your important details and information from the employer directly and take what the recruiter has to say with a grain of salt.

    As far as the salary you mentioned, that totally depends on your own budget and lifestyle. $12 bucks an hour works out to about $2080 per month. Will that be enough for you? It never hurts to negotiate for a little more. The worst that they'll say is "No". My first IT helpdesk job was for a major ISP and it paid about $10/hr. That was when I was a freshman in college so at the time, it was great money for me.
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    If youve never had a job then they will tell you what youre going to make and youre going to shake your head up and down. Probably.
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    To tell you the truth, the money is of no importance to me right now, i have no real expenses except my cell phone and drinking out once a week. Whats important to me right now is the job and the experience so i can have something for my resume.

    As for the money, i dont know what i was thinking at that moment, it was over the phone and i just responded without thinking. If they are willing to pay me $10 or what have you, i would still do it. Tomorrow i will let them talk about the money, if they say what im asking is too high then i will go with what they offer. if they dont mention anything and they just say ok. even better for me. But really money is not the point. i need this for my resume and to get some experience.

    what i was wondering is, if this actually is real or should i expect to be sold something. you know what i mean?
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