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Hey Everybody
Up until recently I have been studying with my old N10-002 material,Techexams and the 2005 Comptia Objective list. I thought this would be a good way to save some money since I was recently laid off.
Anyway I broke down and bought a new Network Plus book. The book is by Michael Cross and Laura Hunter. ISBN 1-931836-42-6

I have never seen a book more detailed then this. It really goes in depth on a lot of subjects. Where my Exam Cram book has a lot of short facts, this book gives very detailed answers. I am up to chapter five and and I am very impressed by what I am reading.

Example: Chapter 4 Wireless Technologies,
This chapter goes over what is needed for the test and then goes beyond that with in depth information. I know have the whys to some of the questions I had about wireless networking.

To close, this is a good book.
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    These are what I used and passed with 707:

    Title - Network+ Fastpass (Highly Recommended)
    Author - Bill Ferguson
    ISBN 0782144071
    2 x Practice Exams included + Electronic Flashcards on CD

    Title - Network+ Study Guide: Exam N10-003 (Very detailed)
    Author - David Groth
    ISBN - 0782144063
    2 x Practice exams on CD

    Title - Network+ Practice Questions: Exam N10-003
    Author - Charles J. Brooks
    ISBN - 0789733528
    500 Practice Questions on all topics covered in Net+ exam

    I got all of the books on relatively cheap, the dearest was the Sybex Net+ at 22UK pounds the other 2 were around 12UK pounds each.

    Hope this helps and good luck man!
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    Laura Hunter is a detail person so it makes sense that you would find the book interesting. She has been on the net a lot and was awarded Microsoft MVP for her contributions in helping people. I think that you will be much happier rather than studying for the old test and trying to fill in the blanks. good luck
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