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I wonder how smart the CCNA Sims are? For example, say you are presented with a SIM that requires you to setup RIP across three routers.

ROUTER1 - and
ROUTER2 - and
ROUTER3 - and

Now we all know that when setting up RIP we only need to use the network command for the networks on that local router.. ie: "net" and "net" for ROUTER1. I am wondering if the SIM would take away points if you defined all of the networks on one router.. ie: "net", "net", "net", ect on ROUTER1.

Both examples technically work; but only the local networks on each respective router are required.



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    Generally i've found the sim on the exams will not allow you to do much more than required.For instance on one i was asked to create vlan 100, i tryed to create vlan 101 just for a test and it didnt allow.But i'm sure this varies sim to sim.In the rip example you gave i would not advise taking this approach as you will be deducted points for lack of understanding how to define networks.
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    If you log into the CCNA prep center there is at least one video covering what the sims can and cannot do.
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