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I didn't know where else to post this, but I figured i'd share a day in the life of an entry level interview to get pointers from others who have been in the same situation. So if you have any opinion what so ever as to what you think, please let me know.

I had an interview today with a company called Bsecure. I dressed up as proffesional as I could, and I tried to be as calm as possible during the whole interview. Based on the fact that my prelimenaries were a typing test where I scored a 66 wpm, and that the other test was a big psychological "What would you do" scenario multiple question test involving how to handle customers and work policies, I got the idea that they were hiring for a positiong of lil to no computer expertise. I scored 4% higher than the national average on the test They called me up for an interview even though I have no certifiable experience, just proven knowledge of computer systems in general based off of what I've learned through playful learning. They asked me two questions during my interview, one being how I would deal with an irate customer, and the second being a Blue Screen of Death question. Seeing as how generally that type of question involves resource conflict, I told them that I would go into safe mode and mess around with the registry and see what I could do from there. But in all honesty, i was giving them the "typical awnser" and not my honest awnser which would seem kinda risky, but I figured it helps to tell people what they want to hear. Anyways, when they asked me about experience, i explained my 2 year goal plan of getting my A+ in December, my Network+ in March, and my MSCE in December of 2007. Dunno how impressed they were with my awnsers, but I think the one question that defined why I wanted the job is that,"I'm looking for an entry level job that would allow me to get the hands on experience I need to apply to my work studies for future development". I hope I got the job, it sure would be an added bonus to when i get my a+ certification.
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    It sounds like you did alright to me. Interviews are all about making a good impression, and you're right, sometimes it's best to give them the answer they want to hear as opposed to what you would REALLY do. Even if you had more experience, that wouldn't become evident until after they hired you anyway, so the goal is to get yourself hired, then dazzle them with your know-how. It's all in how you present yourself. Let us know what happens!
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    Well, the trick to telling people what they want to hear is how well you show them that just before and after they hire you.

    So, if you gave them some answer based on what you think they wanted to hear, then when the situation presents and you do you own thing...it better come out with better results then they could expect....or you may be looking for something else.

    Also, if you have plans to complete 'x' exams and you told thme that....it would be advisable that you continue on that path. If they delay the hiring or hire you with the assumption that you will take these exams you are claiming to take, they may also find away to remove you if after 6 months you have not completed them nor are showing any potentional to complete them.

    Sounds like you may be doing 'ok', but be careful on the 'selling people what they want' idea...it can cost you in the end.

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    I would have to have to agree with the previous statements. You did as good as you could with the questions and it looks like your going in the right direction. I have found myself looking to take any hands on experience I can find. My school offers a job placement option which is great but it is true that evey job offer I look into wants experience just as much as certifications. Which makes sense to me, but interviews are still very important they can be the difference of getting the job or not.
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    DirtySouthDirtySouth Member Posts: 314 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Did you get the job?!
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    SmallguySmallguy Member Posts: 597
    sounds liek you did fine

    when your asked technicla questions or an entry level position it's not always the answer but the though process they want to see.

    are u someone who is carefull or goes in guns a blazing and a potential risk taker.

    they want to see that you cna logically step through a situation and use A and b to find C

    I worked tech supprot tier 1 and tier 2 and you would be amazed how many people can not grasp...

    customer can't get on the internet since tuesday morning ... the customer says they updated zonealarm mnoday night before bed ...what is the most likely cause well zonealarm but many people can not put two and two together.
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