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Hi, Is there any hands on or cert for laptops. Searched the web but nothing appears of any use.
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    Dell has one that's Dell specific. It might be desktop/laptop and not just laptop - I don't remember. I'm sure the other vendors have them too but I'm not familiar with them.
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  • ACPT is for portables and technically would include Apple notebooks as well, but this is an Apple cert and I don't know of many people besides me on the forums that is currently going for these. So yeah, otherwise there is the Dell cert. I know someone with that who goes to people's houses on behalf of Dell to fix their laptops.
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    I have a few dell cert (Dell Contract Technician) the certs are a online format, it a open book it you do it right. the A+ is all I have seen asfare as not vendor supplyed if you want to see the certs for dell go here

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    Comptia's New A+ in 2007 will include some laptop information and technical info about that subject.
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    Thanks for the info, I will use it. As laptops/notebooks are now starting to equal P.C ownership levels it follows that techs are required in this field but I don't see alot of training available.
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    Why don't you have any thread for HDSE, DISM... in Aptech Certification?.
    I need a topic like this to ask you more. icon_evil.gif
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