Security+ vs. CCNA

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I'm interested in both the CCNA and Security+ but wondering how difficult the Security+ exam is comparitively. I don't know if I should go for the Security+ or CCNA first. Any opinions, thoughts, experience, and advice is welcome!
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    If you are a hands-on type of person, the CCNA will keep your interest more than the security+ will. The security+ is more geared toward theories and memorizing different security related terms, facts and policies. Both exams are challenging and will require study and practice. I think both are equally respected certs. Part of the answer will depend on what you wish to persue as a career path as well.
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    The more you know before you get into security, the better. Had I known before, what I know now, I'd have waited until I'd finished some other stuff, before tackling Security+, so I could have gotten more out of it. In short: Go for the CCNA first, you'll get more out of the Security+ that way.

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    It depends on your time frame. Security+ will take less time to study for but it will be easier if you already know the CCNA information. It is important to know that there is only a small amount of shared information between the 2 tests.
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